For those who do not know me, I am currently a full-time college student and have been for the last 4 years. I am studying Audiology and Speech Language Pathology. I am in my last semester of college and throughout the years I have gotten so many questions on how I achieve my grades. No, I don’t study all the time. I do put a lot of time into my studying, but that does not necessarily mean I sit in my room all day studying. I have a social life, work part time, continue my healthy lifestyle through fitness, in a relationship, and also very involved with many events on campus. I want to share how I manage to get good grades, which in large comes from my exams. So I am finally sitting down to share my tips on studying for big exams.

Plan & Set Goals: So depending on the course I have an upcoming exam in, I make sure to start studying accordingly, dependent on the actual course. If I am studying for a course in my major, I try to start studying a week before. If we are talking about a general education course, that might not have material that is as difficult, I will start studying 2 -3 days before. Remember this is totally dependent on you! If you are a quick learner you might be able to get away studying late.

This is all about setting goals for yourself and making a goal for each day. Make sure the goals for each day are reasonable, don’t try to take on too much you can’t handle. This will just have you skipping through the information just to get through it, instead of actually learning it.

I first look over how much material is on the exam I am studying for. I look at how many notes and resources I need to get through and plan from there. If I have 10 chapters to get through for the exam, I will probably learn 2 chapters a day and make sure I know them in and out. Then I might leave the last 2 days just for review and practice questions.

Study with the test taker in mind: Depending on the type of course you are taking, you might have an idea of how the professor is going to test you. Sometimes, they might even tell you if you ask! Are the questions going to be multiple choice? Are there going to be open-ended questions? Are the questions going to be conceptual or more up front? I keep the test taker in mind while studying the material. I constantly question “is this a good test question?” So while studying the material, question the material on weather it could be a good test question. Most professors will test you on information that they think is essential and important, so again, keep this in mind while studying the material.  If you have taken the same professor in the past, use this to your advantage. This works to my benefit, because I have seen how they tested before, and can sometimes predict their test style.

Cover all resources: I cannot stress this enough. If your professor lectured 10 chapters and you study 7 hoping she doesn’t test you on the other 3, you will less likely do well. Everything the professor lectured is fair game, therefore, you should know all the material. For this reason I study all my notes. If the professor mentions it during lecture that they will take some test questions out of the book, I will take sure to read the chapter. It is important to cover your resources, even if you’re just reading through a chapter. On test day, if you are asked a question about what you read, you will more likely know it and remember it, if you actually took the time to read it.

Learn for the long run & ask questions: I am a victim of memorizing material the day before test day, especially in courses that do not apply to my major. I highly recommend not just going over material but LEARNING it if it involves your field, because it will probably show up again. If it is going to help you be better at your job, why would you not want to learn it? If you actually learn it, you won’t forget it so easy. Lastly make sure you leave time at the end of your studying days for questions. If you need to ask a classmate or even the professor, make sure you get all your questions in!

Get into a Graduate School for Speech Pathology: If you know me you know this has been a goal of mine for quite some time now. Being able to pursue what I love and taking it to the next level has always been a dream. I hope to pursue a masters degree in Speech Pathology and continue to work toward my goal of being a licensed speech-language pathologist.


Focus more on my blog: The ending of 2017 has been hectic, prepping for my GRE’s, taking 6 classes, applying to grad programs, working part time while also having a social life was all consuming. I felt as though I never had time for myself. Now starting my last semester of college, a goal of mine is to make more time for blogging during the semester.


Stay consistent with my healthy lifestyle: I had to cut down on the gym these last few months because I was spending most of my time focusing on the academics and graduate school preparations. This year I hope to stay consistent in working toward my fitness goals and weight lifting! 


Graduate Undergrad: I should be graduating in the spring and I am so excited! My undergraduate years went by fast but I definitely enjoyed them. College is fun and I think it would be fun for it to last forever but at the same time I am ready for this next chapter of my life.


Travel somewhere new: I love going to new places, who doesn’t? Whether it’s another country or state I hope to see somewhere new this year!


Just enjoy life: I want to take more risks, work hard, and take in every moment of this life. It is so precious and short. We do not appreciate the moments as they come which saddens me. Our life could change in a heartbeat.


I don’t know if you can tell but I don’t want Fall to ever end. I am so in love with the color of nature during this time. It’s the perfect scenery for pictures. I sat on my jeep for 20 minutes just taking it all in. As I watch the leaves fall, I can’t help but think about how the year will be over soon. I am so excited for the holidays this season but I also cannot wait for the new year! I have so many exciting things happening in 2018 including graduation! With that being said, I am ready for the next chapter of my life and my blog.

I really wish I could remember where I got this jacket from for you guys, i’m sorry! H&M has a similar one on sale here.

Jeans: Forever 21/ Shirt: forever 21/ Chelsea Boots: Steve Madden


I’ve been avoiding talking about this topic for weeks now, but I have finally faced the courage to put my hurt on paper. I just didn’t have the words for a while. I still feel like I don’t, but I am going to try. A piece of me is missing knowing that the island is not the same as when I left. I am writing this post for the people who feel how I feel. The people who were first handedly affected. The ones who are so broken to speak on the topic that has cut them so deeply their lips start to tremble when they begin to speak on it. My mind can’t seem to escape the thought of my people suffering.

Puerto Rico has had such an influence on me since I was a little girl. I can remember walking through pueblos with my grandmother thinking about the lives and ancestors that once walked the land before me. Listening to the coquis, thinking about how our stories cannot be checked into boxes. We are the children of forgotten slaves, Africans and Tainos. Tainos who were taken over by Spaniards because of the wanting of gold and sugar cane. A beautiful mix of the three, creating a boricua. I have always felt the feeling of belonging when walking the streets of old San Juan, it has always been innate. The earliest settlers heard the Indians speak of the great wind they called hurracan. The natives said that such storms were caused by the evil God Juracan. These storms were what we call hurricanes.

This past summer I had the opportunity to spend my summer helping my parents start off their earned retirement on the island at their new home in Villalba. Going up the mountains with my father at 5 years old was the same as at 21 years old. Looking at the view of mountains that go on for miles, persistently taking my breath away. This island taught me how to be alone. It taught me to remember how small my problems are. I learned how to ride the ocean waves. I learned how to ride a horse there. I learned unique traditions like why children cut grass to put in a shoebox under their bed for the camels to eat. I learned how to dance salsa. I learned how strong and prideful my people are. I’ve learned so many lessons from the men and women on this island. I am still learning from you Puerto Rico. The spirit and grace of my people despite a disaster is astonishing. My ancestors fought. My family fights. My island fights. I wish I could be fighting there next to you all.

After over a week of not hearing from my family after Hurricane Maria; I cannot put into words the hurt that no one should feel. I am so happy my parents are okay, but that doesn’t take the hurt completely away. The island is running short on food, fuel, and access to clean water. There is limited communication. Among the greatest threats is the continuing lack of power. The New York Times reported it could take four to six months before the island can get power again. The island that gave me beautiful moments and places to photograph is not so beautiful anymore. I pray that good will come from this disaster, although I cannot see it yet. I hope one day I can take my grandchildren to the beautiful island I once shared memories on with my grandparents. I lastly wanna say thank you to the people who see me, who know how hard these last few weeks have been despite of the smile I put on. If you would like to help, please visit

Below are some pictures I took before Hurricane Maria:

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After Hurricane Maria

hurricane maria