My Biggest College Struggles

Biggest Struggles in college

I remember people would always tell me “enjoy these years because they go quick,” and wow they were right. It feels like yesterday I was moving into my first college dorm room with my two best friends trying to figure out how we were going to decorate. I am now going into my senior year and I am so sad it is coming to an end. After 3 years at a university that is 2 and a half hours away from home, I have learned so much about myself and life. I have grown into a totally different person from when I first came! College has been full of laughs, friends, memories, and tears. Here are my biggest struggles in college.

  • Distractions: I had to start with this one and I have a feeling you knew it was coming! The experience of college at a university is different when you are actually living on the campus, I have to say. I am actually giggling right now thinking about all the late nights with my friends when I had class the next morning, the worst mornings. Living in a college town on the weekends can give you temptations to skip out on studying and doing school work when everyone around you is pregaming for the party tonight. In the beginning, it is so hard to watch everyone go out and have fun while you stay in and study. I have to admit it does not get easier. Although, I will say college is about balance. There is nothing wrong with going out and having the college experience because these days are priceless! But my advice to you is to know when is it simply your time to stay in and hit the books. There will always be another party, late night pizza run, or game night. If you have an exam coming up, be smart and choose not to sacrifice your grades for a little fun. Tution is too expensive to waste!
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle: It can be difficult to eat healthy, get rest, and work out on a college student schedule. Some semesters I barely had time to eat, yet alone go to the gym. This is OKAY. But my advice is to try your best. I can remember from previous semesters being in classes, working, and studying until 10pm. After a long day I just wanted to rest but instead I forced myself to stop at the rec on my way home and get in a quick workout. Working out can help you more than just physically but mentally too.
  • Trying to be perfect: This might not be the case for everyone but for people in my discipline they understand the struggle (future speech pathologist). I remember getting my first bad grade on a test and just walking out the classroom feeling like it was the end of the world. After 3 years of several failures I have to say it really is not the end of the world. My professor once told me, “one bad grade is not going to make or break your career, no grades will determine how good or bad of a Speech-Language Pathologist you will be.”
  • Procrastination: We all do this, I do not care how good of a student you are. Procrastination will be your.worst.enemy. Get a calendar and plan accordingly, or at least try too! I try to do my assignments ahead of time so I can manage it all. I got into the habit of getting things done early right at the start, and that made such a difference during the rest of the semester! This is something I can not stress enough. It will save you a lot of headache later if you just start early.

Being a college student can be so hard sometimes, but when it is all over it will be worth it. I can not count how many times me and my friends have joked about dropping out and asking why life had to be so hard. I think what gets us through it is the idea of walking across that stage. So when you are struggling, remember it will all be worth it.